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Kabul Security Force

The Kabul Security Force (KSF) is a Resolute Support organization that assists the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) in the effort to secure the capital of Afghanistan - Kabul - from insurgents and terrorists.

The Kabul Security Force monitors the Kabul security situation 24 hours a day within the Combined Joint Operations Center (CJOC). The KSF provides situational awareness through the monitoring via cameras mounted on towers, drones, or balloons.

The KSF also has a quick reaction force (QRF) that will respond to emergencies on the ground.

 In addition, the KSF provides advisors to the ANDSF from the operational level at the Afghan Kabul Garrison Command down to the tactical level at some of the checkpoints around and in the city of Kabul. Advisors from the KSF work with the ANDSF to ensure that checkpoints are properly manned and that equipment - such as explosive scanners - is being used properly.



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