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Italy in Afghanistan

Map of Italy

Italy has been participating in the International Security Force Assistance (ISAF) in Afghanistan for a number of years. The Italians, along with other European partners, have worked in Regional Command West based in Herat. Besides members of their armed services they also have a strong police presence working with the police at the national and local levels.

Websites with Info on Italy in Afghanistan

Italian Army by Wikipedia.

List of Italian Deaths in the Afghan War. By

Member of Italian Army
The Italian Army has provided a lot of support to the Coalition effort over
the course of the Afghan Conflict. There are some quality aspects of the
Italian forces that cannot be found in great quanity within the U.S. Army.
(Photo by Anna Ciccotti, USAG Vicenza Public Affairs)

News and Magazine Articles and Blog Posts
on Italy and Afghanistan

April 16, 2018. "Not-Quite-Wars, Italy Has a Useful Alternative Traditional Troops", Defense One. How the Italian Carabiniera provides a unique capability for hybrid stabilization missions.

March 29, 2017. "Italiian study on women in Afghanistan security missions presented to Parliament", The Institute of International Affairs (IAI), in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense has published a report on the importance of women in international missions.

March 2016. "The Functional Based Security Force Assistance inside NRDC-ITA", by Cristiano Galli, Italian Ministry of Defense.

November 5, 2013. "Team Transfers Farah Base to Afghan Control". DoD Live. U.S. and Italian forces transferred a major base to the ANSF.

June 5, 2013. "U.S., Germany, Italy vow key Afghan roles post-2014". USA Today.

March 22, 2013."Interview: Lt. Gen. Claudio Graziano".  Defense News.

November 4, 2012."Italian PM vows Afghan support will continue after troops pull out". CNN News. The Italians will continue to support Afghanistan even after it pulls its troops out. In the fall of 2012 there are approximately 4,000 Italian troops in Afghanistan.

February 13, 2012."New Herat airport named after fallen Italian soldier". ISAF News.

May 17, 2011. "A camera and a uniform! Restitution of memory to a local community". Culture Conflict Cooperation. An Italian expert in cross-cultural communication (Elen Croci) and also a member of the Italian armed forces publishes a book with photographs of Herat, Afghanistan.

December 2, 2010. "New border police training transforming Herat operations". Italian and other Coalition instructors professionalize the Afghan police.

April 9, 2009. Italian General Endorses 'Comprehensive Approach' in Afghanistan". American Forces Press Service.

February 6, 2009. "Italy sends more troops to Afghanistan". The Guardian. Italian troop level to increase to 2,800 in 2009.

April 1, 2005. "U.S. hands off authority for Herat base to Italians". Stars & Stripes. The Italians assume responsibility of the western area of Afghanistan in the vicinity of Herat.




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