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Reflective Belts

Reflective Belt for Physical Training

If there was ever a vote for the most recognizeable symbol of the Global War on Terror (GWOT) the Reflective Belt would certainly make the top ten. Few things were dispised more by the U.S. serviceman or woman than the yellow or orange reflective belt and the knee-jerk regulations proscribing its wear.

Different Colors for Different Ranks. Some of the absurdity extends to posts in the United States. For instance, the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum, NY requires a different colored PT belt depending on rank. Officers - blue, NCOs - green, and junior enlisted - yellow. A blue reflective vest is prescribed for battalion-level and higher command teams. 1.

Folks Poking Fun at the Reflective Belt

The Reflective Belt by "Doctrine Man"
You Never Wear Your Reflective Belt . . .

Facebook - "The Reflective PT Belt"

"Great moments in reflective belt history"

Reflective Belt Comments by the Special Operations Community Network

Videos about Reflective Belts

"How the PT Belt Protects Soldiers & Marines" by Action Figure Therapy.

News Stories about the Reflective Belt

December 18, 2016. "Pentagon officials fear ISIS militants now armed with reflective belts", Duffel Blog.

October 26, 2015. "The Reflective Belt: An Icon of The Global War on Terror", Task & Purpose. The U.S. is still involved in conflicts throughout the Middle East. It's a dangerous world. Don't forget your reflective belt.

January 20, 2015. "New uniform rules: Reflective belts, light-colored shoes no longer required PT gear". Air Force Times. In a rare stroke of common sense the Air Force changes its PT belt rules; will the Army follow suit? Unlikely.

September 5, 2013. "Green Safety Dots: The Tyranny of Safety 2". Breach, Bang, Clear.

August 29, 2013. "So much for loosening the belts". Stars and Stripes. The rules almost changed in Korea for 2nd Infantry Division.

July 9, 2013. "The 10 Most Ridiculous Military Regulations, Customs, and Courtesies", Business Insider.

May 2, 2013. "You Know What? Screw It, Everyone's Gonna Wear Three Reflective Belts at All Times", Duffel Blog.

August 23, 2012. "The Army Reflective Belt: Why American no longer wins wars". Rolling Hot.

August 12, 2012. "Army Increases Combat Effectiveness With More Reflective Belts, Extremely Safe Combat Patrols", Duffel Blog.

December 11, 2011. "Reflective Belts and General Officer Billets". Small Wars Journal.

November 5, 2009. "Airmen sound off on reflective-belt requirement". Stars and Stripes. Safety concerns sometimes override common sense.

February 16, 2009. "Freaking out the FOBBITs of Afghanistan". By Tom Ricks, Best Defense. A combat warrior from a remote firebase tries to go on leave but a Fobbit wants to see his reflective belt.




1. See Item #6 of the Fort Drum "Frequently Asked Questions" page. (Accessed on 1 Nov 15).


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