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Afghan Parliamentary Election 2018

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The Afghan parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held in the summer of 2018; however, there have been some problems with the voter registration process.

National ID Card Controversy. In an attempt to diminish corruption within the Afghan electoral process the government (over the past several years) has attempted to issue an electronic national ID card known as the e-Tazkira. However there is a controversy over one word that will be on the card - "Afghan". "Afghan" is usually associated with "Pashtun" and other ethnic groups (Tajiks, Hazara, Uzbek, and others) are taking exception to the word. Unfortunately the dispute will be disruptive to the 2018 parliamentary and 2019 presidential elections. [1]

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Papers about the 2018 Afghan Election
(listed in chronological order)

Coburn, Noah and M. Hassan Wafaey, Violence against Women in Afghanistan's 2018 Parliamentary Elections, Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit, February 2019.

News Stories about the 2018 Parliamentary Elections

January 26, 2018. "Afghan Elections: Will the Voter Registry Be Ready for 2018?", by Staffan Darnoff, United States Institute for Peace (USIP).



[1] For more info on the e-Tazkira read "Who is an Afghan? Row over ID cards fuels ethnic tension", Reuters, February 8, 2018.






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