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National Directorate
of Security (NDS)

National Directorate of Security (NDS)

The National Directorate of Security (NDS) is the intelligence agency of the government of Afghanistan. It was formed up in the early 2000s under the watchful of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Funding, training and direction (in the early years) was provided by the CIA. The NDS is regarded as one of the least corrupt and most professional security organization in Afghanistan.

In addition to gathering and analyzing intelligence, the NDS also has paramilitary units to conduct tactical operations. It has established local community defense units called 'local uprisings' and secretive units such as Sangorian.

Papers & Reports about the NDS


Ruttig, Thomas. Political Cleavages over Pakistan: The NDS chief's farewell, Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN), December 23, 2015. Ruttig examines the background in the resignation of former NDS Chief Rahmatullah Nabil in the context of intelligence failures and President Ghani's attempted reconciliation with Pakistan and pursuit of peace talks with the Taliban.

News Reports about the NDS

May 15, 2016. "Intel Unit Aims to Exploit Taliban Divisions", Gandhara Blog. The National Directorate of Security has established a 300 plus covert unit to disrupt insurgent operations in Helmand province.


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