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Mi-24 HIND Helicopter

The Mi-24 Helicopter is an attack gunship used by Soviet bloc countries as well as other countries in the Middle East and around the world. Although the helicopter can carry troops its primary purpose is to attack ground troops and equipment.

Soviet Mi-24s in Afghanistan. The Mi-24s were used extensively by the Soviets in Afghanistan. At first they were extremely effective but once the Mujahadeen were provided Stinger anti-aircraft weapons the helicopters were less effective. Over 400 Mi-24s were shot down by the Afghan guerrillas during the war.

The Mi-35 is the export model of the Mi-24. Currently (mid-2014) the Afghan Air Force has about six Mi-35s; of which perhaps 3 or 4 can fly at any given time. It can carry 8 passengers. The helicopter was fielded to the Soviet Army in 1972.

In 2015 India provided four Mi-24 attack helicopters to Afghanistan. In 2019 India provided four more Mi-24s to replace the ones provided in 2015.

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Publications about Mi-24 Helicopter

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News Reports about the Mi-24 Russian Helicopter

May 17, 2019. "Why India's 'attack helicopter' diplomacy with Afghanistan makes sense", The Week.

December 27, 2013. Mil Mi-24 Hind: A Russian Gunship with Attitude. Historynet.com at this link.








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