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Denmark in Afghanistan

The country of Denmark suffered significant casualties in the Afghan War as a result of its deployment to areas of Afghanistan that saw some of the fiercest fighting. Most of Denmarks combat troops deployed to Helmand province working with the British contingent.

Movies about Denmark in Afghanistan

A War, this fictional film about a Danish combat unit deployed to Helmand province depicts many of the aspects of war encountered by infantry units. Read a review of the movie A War at the link below.

Papers & Publications about Denmark in Afghanistan

USAWC, "Denmark's Lessons", Parameters, United States Army War College, pages 27-38. An article about Denmark's lessons learned from the Afghan conflict.

DIIS, Lessons from the Danish Integrated Approach in Afghanistan 2001-2014, Danish Institute for International Studies, 9 June 2016.

News Reports about Denmark in Afghanistan

January 4, 2016. "This is the fictional war film which features real life soldiers", BBC Newsbeat. A war movie about the Danish military's involvement in Afghanistan.


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