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Resolute Support
Annotated Bibliography



Resolute Support Bibliography

The ISAF mission in Afghanistan ended in December 2014. NATO began the Resolute Support Mission in January 2015. The RSM was primarily Security Force Assistance - training, advising, and assisting the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) and the Afghan Security Ministries (ASI). The link below will take you to an annotated bibliography for the Resolute Support Mission.

The bibliography was published to be of assistance to advisors and staff working at the ministerial, institutional, corps, zone, and tactical levels.

You can read the bibliography online or download it. The file is an Adobe Acrobat PDF, more than 200 pages long, and less than 3 MBs big. The bibliography will be updated on a periodic basis. The date of the pub is posted on the front page.




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