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September 22, 2021. "How real is the threat of Taliban infighting?", by Michael Kugelman, Deutsche Welle. The moderate faction and the hard-liner faction are at odds in policy and government ministry appointments.

September 21, 2021. "Taliban names deputy ministers, double down on all-male cabinet", Aljazeera. The Taliban brought members of the ethnic minority into the cabinet, but fails to appoint any women despite calls for inclusivity.

September 9, 2021. "Five Questions on the Taliban's Caretaker Government", by Andrew Watkins, USIP. How will the U.S., international community, and the region engage with a government comprised of Taliban stalwarts?

September 7, 2021. "Key Figures in the Taliban's New Theocratic Government", Gandara.

September 4, 2021. "Taliban Close to Forming Government Amid Fighting Over Oppostion Holdout", Gandhara.

September 2, 2021. "Afghanistan: Taliban to rely on Chinese funds, spokesperson says", With the help of China the Taliban will fight for an economic comeback in Afghanistan.









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