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ISAF Joint Command (IJC)

The International Security Force Assistance (ISAF) Joint Command or IJC was located on the military side of Kabul International Airport; sometimes called North Kabul International Airport. IJC was commanded by a three-star general and all the regional commands reported to him. The commander of IJC, sometimes referred to as COMIJC, reported to the commander of ISAF (a four-star general). IJC was established in November 2009 to serve as NATO's operational headquarters in Afghanistan. At its peak, IJC controlled over 130,000 troops form more than 40 nations across six regional commands.

IJC is Dis-established

IJC shut down in early December 2014 with the end of the ISAF mission in Afghanistan. During the later part of 2014 it downsized its personnel strength and eliminated functions and activities or transfered them to ISAF. In early 2014 NTM-A had been placed under command of IJC. In July 2014 NTM-A no longer existed as a command - it was designated a directorate and moved to ISAF in October 2014. In November the future operations function moved to ISAF. In November and early December the Joint Operations Center (JOC) moved to ISAF. The JOC handled activities such as C2, CAS, Intel, etc.

Papers, Reports, and Publications about IJC
(pubs listed in chronological order)

Anderson, LTG Joseph, U.S. Army and MAJ Matthew W. McCreary, U.S. Army, "ISAF Joint Command 2014: Year of Change", Military Review, January-February 2015, pages 16-25. The authors provide an AAR on the transition of IJC during 2014.

Grigsby, BG Wayne W. et al. "Cross-Functional Team Staff Structure in the Afghanistan Counterinsurgency", Army Magazine, June 2012, pages 35-38. This article explores the reasons for establishing IJC. . . ./2012/06/Documents/Grigsby2_0612.pdf

Websites Related to IJC

ISAF Joint Command. Official website.

ISAF Joint Command (IJC) on Facebook.

ISAF Joint Command (IJC) on Twitter.

Biography of LTG Mark Milley - Commander of IJC.

News Articles about IJC

December 8, 2014. "ISAF Joint Command ends mission, makes history". ISAF News.

December 8, 2014. "ISAF Joint Command formally ceases operations". ISAF News.

December 8, 2014. "U.S. and NATO Ceremonially End Afghan Combat Mission", The New York Times. IJC lowered its flag on Monday, December 8, 2014 and was fully absorbed into the ISAF staff. The remainder of U.S. troops will focus on training and supporting the ANSF.

December 7, 2014. "With the troops: Bittersweet farewell for 18th Airborne Corps". Fayetteville Observer. Article about IJC folding up.

December 5, 2014. "Three-star: Afghan army getting better". Military Times. LTG Anderson talks about the closing of IJC.

July 1, 2013. "ISAF ends its daily 'operational update' reports". Threat Matrix of the Long War Journal. Seen as an attempt by IJC to minimize coalition operations in an effort to put emphasis of the ANSF being in the lead.

April 2010. "Command's Information Dominance Center Fuels Comprehensive Operations". Signal Online.


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