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Afghan War News > General Info > Development > Provincial Development Plan (PDP)

Provincial Development Plan (PDP)

The Provincial Development Plans or PDPs are used by Afghan officials to determine community requirements, articulate goals, plan projects, schedule budgets and start new projects and programs are the provincial level in each of Afghanistan's 34 provinces.

Uruzgan Provincial Development Council Meeting
Meeting of the Uruzgan Provincial Development Council discussing the
2014 Provincial Development Plan (PDP).
Photo by U.S. Army - SPC Joseph Batiancela

Communities in each of the provinces are consulted on what their needs are and how government should provide for those needs. The result of these consultations are incorporated into the Provincial Development Plan. 1.

Government projects and programs can be short term or long term (months or years). The sectors considered for development include infrastructure, health, agriculture, governance, education, security and public utilities.

Provincial Development Plans are Published. The PDPs are published documents once approved. 2.   

District Development Plans or DDPs. The DDPs are completed by the District Development Assemblies located at district level. The DDPs feed into the Provincial Development Plans of the 34 Afghan provinces.





1. Some of the information provided on this webpage came from a story posted on DVIDS entitled "Provincial Development Plan approval in Uruzgan" dated August 6, 2013.

2. To view a Provincial Development Plan online see the August 2007 PDP for Paktia province located on the Afghan Harmonie.web portal.




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Afghan War News > General Info > Development > Provincial Development Plan (PDP)


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