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Electricity in Afghanistan

Electricity is a commodity that will drive a nation's economy and provide a higher standard of living to its inhabitants. Afghanistan has seen much progress over the past decade and a half - much of this progress due to the growth in the availability of electricity. However, much more work is needed to provide electricity to all of the residents of Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, the collection of fees by users of electricity is dismal at best and hinders the providing of electricity to the Afghan population at large. In fact, there are accusations that the Afghan electrical entity providing electricity - Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherket (DABS) - has contributed to this problem through corrupt practices - specifically writing off electrical bill of those individuals and institutions who have not paid. 1.

Papers and Publications about Electricity in Afghanistan
(listed in chronological order)

Amin, Mohsin. Power to the People: How to extend Afghans' access to electricity, Afghanistan Analysts Network, February 3, 2015.

Asian Development Bank, Power Sector Master Plan - Final Report, April 2013. This report identifies the priorities, timeframe, and costs associated with power sector development goals for Afghanistan.

Arjomand, Noah. Eagle's Summit Revisited: AAN Report about Decision-Making in the Kajaki Dam Project, Afghanistan Analysts Network, January 30, 2013.

SIGAR, Letter Requesting Info on Electric Power to Kandahar City After September 2015. Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, April 17, 2015.

Maps Related to Electricity in Afghanistan

Transitional Energy Investment Plan for Afghanistan, USAID, September 2014.

Websites with Info on Electricity in Afghanistan

Ministry of Energy & Water, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Afghanistan Inter-Ministerial Commission for Energy

Kajaki Dam by Afghan War News

News Reports about Electricity in Afghanistan

April 24, 2015. "Kandahar city power project in jeopardy as USAID prepares to pull plug". The Guardian. The proposed withdrawal of stable electricity supply from factories and homes in key Afghan city raises security fears and threatens fragile development gains.

December 16, 2014. "CASA-1000 Project", Afghan War News Blog.

February 21, 2014. "Dahla Dam, Kandahar ($50 Million and It Doesn't Work)", Afghan War News Blog.

December 21, 2013. "Energy Projects in Afghanistan Funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB)", Afghan War News Blog.

February 20, 2011. "Providing Electricity in Afghanistan - A Daunting Task for Black & Veatch". Afghan War News Blog.





1. See a news release by the Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring & Evaluation Committee (MEC) on this topic dated September 17, 2014.




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Afghan War News > General Info > Development > Electricity in Afghanistan


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