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Panjwai district, Kandahar province is located in the south of Afghanistan; to the west and south of Kandarhar city. It is a volatile district and considered one of several districts known as the 'birthplace of the Taliban". Panjwai was the location where an American Soldier killed 17 civilians on a shooting spree in March 2012. It is also where a local uprising against the Taliban took place one year later in the spring of 2013.

Map Location Panjwai District

Map of Panjwai District Kandarhar Province

Local Uprising. Panjwai district is the scene of a local uprising against the Taliban that took place in the spring of 2013. This turned a haven for the Taliban into an area unfriendly to the Taliban and assisted with the establishment of Afghan Local Police (ALP) in the district.

ALP Training in Panjwai District Kandahar Province
ALP Training on Range in Panjwai District
(Photo March 2013 by SPC Joshua Kruger)

Panjwai Massacre. The district was the location for a terrible killing spree by an U.S. Army Soldier in the spring of 2012 where 17 Afghan civilians - including women and children were killed in the middle of the night.

Maps of Panjwai District

Topo Map of Panjwai District by Google.
Access here.

Websites with Info on Panjwai District

Panjwai District. By WikipediA.

Afghan Police Station Panjwai District
Afghan Police Station, Panjwai District
(photo courtesy U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)

News Reports about Panjwai District, Kandahar Province

March 31, 2014. "In a Former Afghan Hot Spot, The Taliban are Subdued for Now". National Public Radio.

August 18, 2013. "Navigating a web of power, people and politics in Panjwai". Stars and Stripes. Article explores the transition of a new Cav Squadron.

June 14, 2013. "Foreign support of the insurgency in Kandahar: sorting fact from xenophobia".  Threat Matrix, The Long War Journal.

June 14, 2013. "Friction Among Afghans a Threat to Post-U.S. Mission". NPR Parallels. Situation in Panjwai is tenuous.

May 11, 2013. "Panjwai district chief of police:'Pakistan has been trying to bring Afghanistan under its control'". The Long War Journal.

April 29, 2013. "Counter-IED training in Panjwai". The Long War Journal.

April 24, 2013. "The Making of Another Uprising: The ALP in Panjwayi". A writer for the Afghanistan Analysts Network questions the circumstances of the Panjwai uprising against the Taliban.

April 20, 2013. "Navigating the minefields of Kandahar". By Bill Ardolino of The Long War Journal. An indepth article on what and how troops do in Panjwai. Includes a pictures & description of the DOK-KING MV-4 Mine Clearance System.

April 19, 2013. "Afghan engineers build up CP for sister Kandak". DVIDS.

April 16, 2013. "ALP assist in Panjwai school opening". DVIDS.

April 13, 2013. "USACE gives Afghan Uniform Police a base of operations in Panjwai". DVIDS.

April 11, 2013. "The Taliban are 'still dreaming' of a return to power: interview with Afghan Army officers in Panjwai". The Long War Journal.







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