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Home > Events > Death of Osama Bin Laden May 2, 2011

Death of Osama Bin Laden

In 2011 Osama Bin Laden was killed by a group of highly-trained SEALs.  His death took place in Pakistan where he, his wives, children, and grand-children were hiding.  There were 27 people living inside Bin Laden's home in Abbottabad, Pakistan on the night (May 2, 2011) that it was raided by the US Navy SEALs.

The United States has stated that they found Bin Laden's house by following an al Qaida courier to the home in the second half of 2010. 

Documents Recovered.  Some documents were recovered during the raid that provided some intelligence value.  One interesting gem of information was that bin Laden had commanded his network to organise special cells to conduct hits on President Obama and Gen Petraeus.  1. There is some controversy over the exploitation of the 10 hard drives, 100 thumb drives, cell phones, DVDs, audiotapes, and paper files; some report that the CIA only released documents that showed al Qaeda as a "defeated" organization - keeping the Democratic campaign theme of 2012 intact. 3. Much of the documents (electronic and others) were not released to the Department of Defense until several months later - ruining the timeliness of what could be called "actionable intelligence".

Bin Laden's Bookshelf. In May 2015 U.S. intelligence officials released documents seized in the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound. Include in the release was a list of English-language books found in his residence. 6. The Intelligence Community and the media are labeling this treasure trove of reading material as "Bin Ladin's Bookshelf" and indicate that it is indicative of his thoughts on the future of al Qaeda. You can view the contents of his 'bookshelf' on a webpage by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Unfortunately, the abundent porn literature found in Bin Laden's hideout is not listed!

Bin Laden House Demolished.  The house was demolished by Pakistan in February 2012.  Some say that the Pakistani's leveled the house because it was an embarassing reminder that Bin Laden lived within close proximity to Pakistani military installations for over five years.

Bin Laden's Wives.  The wives found in bin Laden's home were detained by the Pakistani government for illegally entering the country. The three women, a Yemeni and two Saudis, have several children living with them.

Location of Bin Laden Known to Pakistani Intelligence. The Bin Laden compound was just a few hundred yards away from a Pakistani military training compound. It is quite apparent that the Pakistan government knew where Bin Laden was hiding. 2. However, the United States has clammed up about the complicity of the Pakistan intelligence service and military in hiding and protecting Bin Laden. Others would have us believe that the Pakistani military and intelligence agency didn't know abou the whereabouts of Bin Laden  . . . hmmmmm. 5., 7.

Reported Leaks to Hollywood. There was an investigation into the information that the DoD may have passed to the producers of the movie "Zero Dark Thirty" which depicted the raid on Osama bin Laden's hideout. Some accuse the DoD of passing classified information about the raid to the movie makers. 4.

Websites with Info On Osama Bin Laden

Final Chapter in the Hunt for Bin Laden. Central Intelligence Agency, July 23, 2012.!/story/13

News Articles About Death of Osama Bin Laden

April 2021. "McRaven Reflects on the Usama bin Laden Raid", CTC Sentinel, Combating Terrorism Center at West Point.

March 2, 2016. "Reading Bin Laden's Letters: Paranoia and the 'Spy Planes Problem' ", The Diplomat.

March 11, 2015. "A gripping glimpse into bin Laden's decline and fall". CNN News. Peter Bergen, CNN's National Security Analyst, reviews recently declassified information about OBL's last years.

February 10, 2015. "Retired general: 'Probable' Pakistan knew of Bin Laden's whereabouts". Politico. Former director of the ISI states location was likely known.

November 4, 2014. "Former Bank CEO Says He Led a Double Life as a CIA Agent and Hunted Osama bin Laden", Business Insider.

February 12, 2014. "Admiral: Destroy photos of Osama bin Laden's corpse". USA Today. Measure stipulated to prevent use of photos in propaganda.

March 30, 2012.  "Pakistan fires doctor who helped CIA to hunt bin Laden".  CNN.

March 29, 2012.  "In Hiding, Bin Laden Had Four Children and Five Houses". The New York Times.

March 22, 2012.  "Bin Laden widow's condition worsens in Pakistani custody, brother says".  MSNBC.

March 9, 2012.  "Eye in the Sky: Her agency provides pinpoint intelligence".  News article about National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) support for the SEALs raid on Bin Laden compound in Pakistan.

March 9, 2012.  "Taliban demand release of bin Laden's wives, kill 7 Pakistani troops".  The Long War Journal.

March 8, 2012.  "Bin Laden widows charged as new probe describes discord in his home".  Pakistan to charge Bin Laden widows with entering the country illegally.

March 7, 2012.  "Bin Laden's wives split by suspicions, says former Pakistani army officer".  The Seattle Times.

February 25, 2012.  "Pakistan begins demolishing compound where bin Laden lived, died".

May 3, 2011.  "Bin Laden discovered hiding in plain sight".  The Washington Post.

May 2, 2011.  "How the U.S. found and finished Bin Laden".  The Washington Post.

May 2, 2011.  "Osama bin Laden killed in U.S. raid, buried at sea".  The Washington Post.

May 2, 2011.  "Obama: 'The world is safer . . . because of the death of Osama bin Laden'". The Washington Post.

May 2, 2011.  "U.S. cautious on releasing proof of bin Laden's death".  The Washington Post.



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