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News Articles about Governance in Afghanistan

February 27, 2018. "A Weak State, But a Strong Society in Afghanistan", by Abdul Waheed Ahmad, War on the Rocks. The article says it is time for Afghanistan to become politically sustainable by decentralizing democracy outside of Kabul to the provinces.

March 13, 2014. "Effective Persistent Engagement Must Be Whole-of-Government". War on the Rocks.

May 30, 2013. "Afghanistan's Triple Earthquake". Author notes the lack of governance in Afghanistan as security is turned over to Afghans in 2014.

May 22, 2013. "Municipal Governace in Afghanistan in the Context of Urbanization". Hamidullah Afghan is the author.

May 9, 2013. "Status of Developing Afghan Governance and Lessons for Future Endeavors", By Steven H. Sternlieb, International Journal Stability of Security & Development.

May 9, 2013. "Sub-National Government Still a Major Challenge". Outlook Afghanistan.

February 17, 2013. "In Kabul's 'Car Guantanamo', Autos Languish and Trust Dies". The New York Times. This news article explores a small part of how the police and government functions and how governance at large in Afghanistan is failing.

October 31, 2012. "Afghan commission sets presidential election for April 2014". Los Angeles Times.

October 14, 2012. "Afghan Vote Plan Raises Tensions".  The Wall Street Journal. Article accessed on CIMIC web here (PDF). The issue of electronic ID biometric card discussed.

October 14, 2012.  "Afghanistan Tests Out New Civil-Service Hiring System". Radio Free Europe.

August 1, 2012. "The Gap in Governance".  The Kabul Cable.

July 16, 2012. "In Afghan village, fears that government can't provide after Americans leave". The Washington Post.

April 2, 2012.  "Salvaging Governance Reform in Afghanistan".  By Stephen Biddle, ReliefWeb.

January 2012.  "The Crucibles and Dilemmas of U.S. State Building in Afghanistan".  by Vanda Felbab-Brown, Brookings.

December 22, 2011.  "UN supports efforts for improving goverance in Balkh Province".  UNAMA.

November 14, 2011.  "Government Takes a Seat".  USAID.

November 7, 2011.  "When Governance is Individuals". Small Wars Journal.

August 18, 2011.  "Governance, Development Efforts Continue in Afghanistan".  American Forces Press Service.

May 31, 2011.  "Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Improves Governance Through PFM Reform".  Aid Forum Online.

March 15, 2011.  "UK support to strengthen civil service in Afghanistan".  DFID News about Civilian Technical Assistance Programme (CTAP).

March 9, 2011.  "In Afghanistan, U.S. 'civilian surge' falls short in building local government".  The Washington Post.

November 24, 2009.  "The best defense in Afghanistan is good governance".  Senator Kaufman, The Hill Congressional Blog.

December 1, 2008.  "Western Area Reservists Complete Governance Training for Exercise CIMIC CITIZEN".  Canada Defense Force Press Release.

"Bringing More Effective Governance to Afghanistan: 10 Pathways to Stability", Middle East Policy Council, Thomas Barfield and Neamatollah Nojumi.



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