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Document and Media Exploitation (DOMEX)

Document and Media Exploitation (DOMEX) is the extraction, translation, analysis, and exploitation of captured equipment, documents and media to generate actionable intelligence. 1.

Websites about DOMEX

Document Exploitation (DOCEX). By Wikepedia.

Document and Media Exploitation. U.S. Department of Justice.

Papers, Reports, and Publications about DOMEX

Cox, Colonel Joseph M., "DOMEX: The Birth of a New Intelligence Discipline", Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin, PB 34-10-2, April-June 2010 pages 22-32.

Faint, Lieutenant Colonel Charles, "Exploitation Intelligence: A New Intelligence Discipline?", Australian Army Journal, Volume IX, Number 1, 2011, Page 61-70. . . . /Intelligenc.pdf

____, Tactical Site Exploitation Toolkit (TSET), National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC). The TSET is a modular based tool intended for use at multiple echelons by trained and untrained personnel designed to allow for the quick collection of data in support of the totat Site Exploitation Mission. The toolkit is scalable, modular, and designed to provide the user with a complete tactical site exploitation system. The system is designed to collect, cross reference, triage and disseminate the information tactically and to the various national databases.

Document and Media Exploitation Guide, Department of Justice National Drug Intelligence Center, Johnstown, PA.

ATP 3-90.15, Site Exploitation, July 2015.

DoD Directive 3300.03, DoD Document and Media Exploitation (DOMEX), January 11, 2011. This directive establishes policy, assigns responsibilities, and provides direction for DoD DOMEX. It implements the DoD responsibilities for national intelligence DOMEX and establishes the Defense DOMEX Council to coordinate DoD DOMEX matters.

Blogs about DOMEX

Document Exploitation: captured documents, war, intelligence, law, archives and cultural property.

News Articles about DOMEX

February 26,2013. "DOMEX deployment nears: 1stAD Soldiers prepare to leave for intelligence mission".

January 9, 2011. "JET Airmen develop Iraqi DOMEX capability". DVIDS. TACDOMEX team has transitioned to training Iraqi counterparts in an advise, assist, and mentor role.

August 21, 2009. "Documentation and Media Exploitation dominates exploitation efforts in AOR". DVIDS. Story on the Documentation and Media Exploitation Brigade Support Team at Victory Base Complex in Iraq.

______, "Leading the way out of Iraq", Marine Corps Gazette. Article about the Joint Prosecution and Exploitation Center or JPEC.



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1. Defination of DOMEX taken from an explanation of DOMEX provided by the "2010 Army Posture Statement" on This online document also provides an summary of the Army's DOMEX program. . .(DOMEX).asp


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Afghan War News > Intelligence > DOMEX

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