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Directorate of Police Intelligence (DPI)

A specific focus area of law enforcement advisors to the Afghan National Police (ANP) and the Ministry of Interior (MoI) is the development of intelligence-led policing. Advisor work with the DPI to build their intelligence capacity to track, target, and action criminal and insurgent networks within Afghanistan within the Afghan constitution and laws.

The Directorate of Police Intelligence is also responsible for the prevention of the infiltration of the Afghan police by criminal networks. The DPI conducts screenings of potential police recruits prior to entry into police training. The DPI also conducts intelligence collection activities such as human intelligence, document exploitation (DOMEX), and cellular phone intercepts to provide intelligence for criminal prosecutions.

The refining of intelligence and investigation procedures will lead to greater success in warrant-based targeting for the Afghan National Police. This is very important in a counterinsurgency fight.

News Articles about the DPI

January 2014. "Leadership workshops for Afghan Police Intelligence". European Union External Action.





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Afghan War News > Intelligence > MoI DPI

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