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Resolute Support Mission - NATO in Afghanistan

The post-2014 mission in Afghanistan is  known as Operation Resolute Support. Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) Afghanistan and the NATO ISAF mission ended in December 2014. The detailed operation plan for Resolute Support was approved by NATO Foreign Ministers at the end of June 2014. The RS mission will end in 2021.

Operation Freedom's Sentinel. The U.S. military component of RSM is Operation Freedom's Sentinel.

Bibliography for Resolute Support. Afghan War News has compiled a "Resolute Support Annotated Bibliography" for the use of RS staff and SFA advisors participating in the NATO mission in Afghanistan. It is an Adobe Acrobat PDF, almost 200 pages long, and less than 3 MBs big. Easy to read online or download and it is available at the link below:

Afghan War News Blog Post on Resolute Support

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Resolute Support Mission - Train Advise and Assist
Photo from Resolute Support HQs Facebook

Websites and Social Media about Resolute Support

Resolute Support NATO

NATO Resolute Support Mission Key Facts and Figures (NATO) . . . 1502-RSM-Placemat.pdf

NATO-led Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan - (NATO)

NATO Media Backgrounder on Resolute Support
Resolute Support Fact Sheet (Dec 2014)

ISAF Fact Sheet on Resolute Support
RSM Fact Sheet

ISAF Media - flickr

ISAF: NATO Forces n Afghanistan Facebook

ISAF Media YouTube

Map of Four Corners of Resolute Support
Map of Four Corners of Resolute Support

Four Corners. The footprint for the Resolute Support mission is small compared to the area that ISAF used to cover in Afghanistan. There is a central hub in Kabul (at the institutional and ministry level), supported by Bagram Air Field. Four of the six Afghan National Army Corps are supported by Train Advise Assist Commands. TAAC East  covers down on the 201st Corps from FOB Gamberi and FOB Fenty located near Jalalabad, TACC South covers down on the 205th Corps from Kandahar Air Field (KAF), TACC West covers down on the 207th Corp in Herat and TAAC North covers down on the 209th Corps from Mazar-e-Sharif. The 203rd Corp located in the southeastern part of the country will see advisors from time to time from TAAC East (call this "fly to advise"). The 215th Corps in the southwest will get a little attention from TAAC South. 

Legal Framework. The continuation of the NATO mission is ensured with the signing of the Bilateral Security Agreement between Afghanistan and the United States and the signing of the NATO Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA). The signing of the NATO SOFA was done on 30 September 2014. The SOFA was ratified by the Afghan parliament on 27 November 2014. Additionaly, there have been signings of subsequent security agreements between Afghanistan and other nations.

Key Functions of RSM.

- Supporting planning, programming and budgeting;
- Assuring transparency, accountability and oversight;
- Supporting the adherence to the principles of rule of law and good governance;
- Supporting the establishment and sustainment of such processes as force generation, recruiting, training, managing and development of personnel.

Extension of RSM? In May 2015 the NATO Foreign Ministers decided that the Alliance will maintain a presence in Afghanistan after the end of its current mission Resolute Support. (1). The RS mission has been extended into 2017.

Publications on Resolute Support

NATO, A new chapter in NATO-Afghanistan relations, North Atlantic Treat Organization Media Backgrounder, July 2016.

Munch, Philipp. Resolute Support Light: NATO's New Mission versus the Political Economy of the Afghan National Security Forces, Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN), January 12, 2015.

NATO, New Chapter in an Enduring Partnership, NATO trifold PDF. This document provides a 'big picture' overview of the new Resolute Support Mission by explaining the Four "Lines of Effort", the 8 Essential Functions, and the focus of the Resolute Support Mission. (RS NATO, February 4, 2015).

NATO, A Strategic Partnership, NATO trifold PDF. This document provides a brief on the transition from the ISAF mission to the Resolute Support mission. It explains the transition from a combat role to a train, advise, and assist mission with significantly decreased numbers of personnel and a different focus - concentrating on the ASIs and ANSF at the ministerial, institutional, and operational levels. The three main objectives of the RS mission are to "Complete ASI/ANDSF Development", "Protect the Force", and "Posture the Force". (RS NATO, February 4, 2015).

Videos about Resolute Support

Vimeo - NATO ISAF Channel

New NATO mission in Afghanistan - Resolute Support. Army Times. . . . Resolute-Support

Changing NATO Mission in Afghanistan, NATO Channel. The new NATO mission in Afghanistan starts in January 2014. Video, narrated by Melissa Preen, explains RSM. Posted on YouTube December 1, 2014, (4 mins).

NATO reaffirms "Resolute Support" to Afghanistan. NATO TV. March 5, 2013.

News Articles on Resolute Support

December 28, 2014. "Statement by the President on the End of the Combat Mission in Afghanistan". White House Briefing Room.

December 28, 2014. "Gen. Campbell official remarks: ISAF - Resolute Support transition ceremony". RS News.

December 28, 2014. "ISAF/RS transition ceremony remarks by Afghan National Security Advisor". RS News. Mohammad Hanif Atmar provides remarks at RS ceremony.

December 28, 2014. "Transition ceremony kicks off Resolute Support Mission". NATO News.

December 3, 2014. "Resolute Support Mission leaders train at JFC Brunssum". Allied Command Operations.

December 2, 2014. "NATO and Afghanistan open new chapter of cooperation with launch of Resolute Support mission". NATO News Release.

February 25, 2014. "Defence Minister's Primer - Resolute Support in the balance". NATO Watch.

January 23, 2014. "Resolute Support Planning Continues, Options Still Open". American Forces Press Service.

November 29, 2013. "NATO Envisions Post-ISAF Train, Advise and Assist Mission". American Forces Press Service.

June 7, 2013. "Hagel Describes Post-ISAF Afghanistan Mission". US Embassy press release.

June 5, 2013. "NATO Defense Ministers endorse concept for new post-2014 mission in Afghanistan". NATO News.

March 4, 2013. "Report: Final NATO postwar Afghanistan plan expected by June". DEFCON Hill Blog.


1. See a May 13, 2015 news report entitled "NATO decides to maintain presence in Afghanistan."


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