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Afghan War News > SFA > SFA Communications Advisor in Afghanistan

Security Force Assistance
Communications Advisor in Afghanistan

Some Military Advisor Teams (MATs) have Communications officers or NCOs who provide advice and assistance to the ANA and ANP. Usually these positions are found on the MATs (or SFAATs) working at the ANA brigade or corps level. In addition, there are other advisory teams working with the Corps Signal Kandaks.

Communications advisor assists ANA 215th Corps communicators with radio repair.
A Marine communications adviser assists communications specialists
from the ANA 215th Corps in radio repair.
(Photo Marine Corps)

Corps Signal Kandaks. The newly formed and just now deploying Corps Signal Kandaks are provided initial training in the Kabul area. The Program of Instruction covers home station training and follow-on training.

Videos Relevant to the Communications Advisors

"Afghan Soldiers Train With Their Communications Equipment". DVIDS, July 1, 2013. Afghan National Army soldiers train with their communications equipment. Marine advisers assist them.

News Relevant to Communications Advisors

April 24, 2019. "Raido ANASOC", U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center, DVIDS. This article describes the challenges of equipping the Afghan National Army Special Operations Command with complicated radio systems that the ANA can't use or maintain.

December 29, 2014. "ANSF takes lead on SPECTRUM Management Program". RS News. A story by Capt. Nicole White informs us on the progress that the Afghan National Army is making in the area of communications and frequency management.

May 2, 2013. "Ohio native's initiative changes face of Afghan communications". DVIDS. Communications advisor for ANA 215th Corps sets up training program.






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Afghan War News > SFA > SFA Communications Advisor



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