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Afghan War News > General Info > Development > Community Development Councils (CDC)

Community Development Councils (CDC)

The National Solidarity Program or NSP was created by the Afghan Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development or MRRD in 2003. The NSP assisted in the development of Community Development Councils (CDCs) to implement the development projects. The CDCs were set up in villages across Afghanistan and funded to implement the infrastructure or agriculture projects the villages needed most.

Funding. Money to run the CDCs is provided by the World Bank, the Aga Khan Foundation, USAID, and the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund.

Publications, Briefings, and Reports about CDCs
(listed in chronogical order)

Beath, Andrew, Christia Fotini, and Ruebn Enikolopov. Do Elected Councils Improve Governance? Experimental Evidence on Local Institutions in Afghanistan. MIT Political Science Department Research Paper No. 2013-24, September 15, 2013. Posted on the Social Science Research Network.

Brick, Jennifer. Final Report: Investigating the Sustainability of Community Development Councils in Afghanistan, February 2008. Report prepared for the Japanese International Cooperation Agency.

News Reports about CDCs

June 23, 2015. "Afghans Question Reconstruction Scheme". Institute for War & Peace Reporting.





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Afghan War News > General Info > Development > Community Development Councils (CDCs)


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