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Civil War during 1989 - 1992

There have been many 'civil wars' in Afghanistan throughout history. One of these civil wars took place from 1989 to 1992 where the mujahideen continued their resistance against the communist government after the Soviet withdrawal.

The Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan in February 1989. The communist regime continued to receive aid from the Soviets up until the fall of the Soviet Union. The mujahideen continued to resist the communist regime. The Soviets stopped their military aid with the change in government. Shortly after the stoppage of aid (just as in Vietnam in 1975) the communist regime (Najibullah government) fell to the mujahideen.

So there was a civil war in two stages during the 1990s in Afghanistan. The first stage was the mujahideen fighting the communist regime. The second stage was the warring parties fighting each other during the period following the fall of the communist regime and the emergence of the Taliban and their rise to power. The second stage is sometimes referred to as the Civil War in the Mid-1990s; that period of time from 1992 to 1996.

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