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Process Maps for SFA Advisors in Afghanistan

Process Maps. Security Force Assistance (SFA) advisors heading to Afghanistan will benefit from reading sections of the ISAF SFA Guide 2.0; especially the annex containing a number of useful process maps.

A process map is a graphical depiction of an Afghan process, such as ANP Class V sustainment or ANA personnel manning. The process map shows the actions that take place between all organizations involved in a specific process at all levels. The process maps were developed by advisors within several ISAF organizations to include IJC, NTM-A, CSTC-A MAG, NSOCC-A, and 9AETF; and represent the advisor's understanding of the Afghan processes. Not all Afghan processes have process maps. The ones included in the SFA Guide are the processes considered critical to ANSF sustainability and which must be improved prior to the end of 2014. There are many other Afghan processes that are also critical to developing sustainable Afghan forces, but whose improvement is not quite as urgent. 

Annex B. The process maps can be found in Annex B of the ISAF SFA Guide 2.0.  An example of one of the process maps found in the SFA Guide is depicted below.

ANP Logistics Process Map

SFA Video. View an online video about Functionally-based Security Force Assistance. Part of this video explains the use of Process Maps by SFA Advisors in Afghanistan. Click the link below to view the video (46 minutes long).




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