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Afghan War News > SFA > SFA Imperatives

Security Force Assistance Imperatives

The Security Force Assistance Imperatives are presented and discussed in a DoD doctrinal publication published in 2013 as well as various other publications about Security Force Assistance. See Joint Doctrine Note 1-13, Security Force Assistance, April 29, 2013 (link opens an Adobe Acrobat PDF file). The SFA Imperatives are presented in Chapter III (page III-4 to III-6).

SFA Imperatives:

a. Understand the Operational Environment

b. Ensure Unity of Effort

c. Provide Effective Leadership

d. Build Legitimacy

e. Synchonized Information

f. Sustainability

g. Support HN Ownership

h. Incorporate Principles of Good Governance and Respect for Human Rights

i. Link Security and Justice

j. Foster Transparency

k. Do No Harm



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Afghan War News > SFA > SFA Imperatives

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