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Afghan Human Resources Information
Management System (AHRIMS)

It is an electronic database system developed to track personnel information for the Afghan National Police (ANP) and Afghan National Army (ANA) collectively referred to as Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF). AHRIMS is a custom database built on Microsoft Access. The information contained in the database includes a historical file, level of education, date of assignment, work experience, and awards. The data is scanned and stored digitally using AHRIMS. Information about promotions, education, and more can be accesses quickly. One of the firms assisting in the fielding and training of AHRIMS is the Afghan Citadel Software Company.

News Reports about AHRIMS

August 20, 2013. “Afghan military is looking to count a few good men”.  USA Today. This is a news article about the upgrade of the AHRMS.

November 7, 2013. “AHRIMS Helps ANSF Upgrade Personnel Records”. RS News.

2010. “Afghans Advance into 21st Century with Human Resources Program”. NTM-A News. A report by ISAF on the how the Personnel Information Management System (PIMS) will be fielded by December 2010.

Other Sources of Info on AHRMS

August 19, 2013. “Afghanistan Human Resources Information Management System Development”. FedBizOpps.Gov. Federal Business Opportunities. Request for contractor support.












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