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Task Force Thor Afghanistan


The task force was stood up in October 2014 to conduct aerial ISR for Afghanistan. MC-12W aircraft (modified Beechcrafts) were transferred from Task Force Odin to Task Force Thor.

Aircraft and Aerial Platforms

King Air 300.  See WikipediaA's page on the King Air 300. These medium-altitude reconnaissance aircraft have been equipped with similar sensors as the Predator UAVs.  These light aircraft are more responsive to the Army's needs and are simple to fly. They are less expensive and easier to procur than the USAF Predators. Read more about the pilots who operate the King Air 300.

King Air 300 Task Force ODIN - Afghanistan
(Photo of King Air 300 by
SSG Jack Carlson DVIDS)
King Air 300. This Beechcraft twin-turboprop aircraft provides ISR support.  There are approximately 11 300's in service with the Army as of late 2010.

Info on the MC-12W

MC-12W by Airforce-Technology.com

Fact Sheet on MC-12W Liberty Project Aircraft (LPA) by Air Combat Command

Videos on MC-12

MC-12 Liberty Flight. Video of a MC-12 flight (5 minutes).

News Articles about TF Thor

October 15, 2014. "Find, fix and finish: Air Force MC-12W mission transitions to Army". DVIDS. Task Force Odin is replaced by Task Force Thor in Afghanistan.

September 5, 2014. "USAF ends four years of MC-12W ops in southern Afghanistan". Janes.com. The 361st Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron has ended operations in Kandahar.

April 30, 2009. "Mississippi Air National Guard recieves first MC-12 aircraft". National Guard. The aircraft will be part of a temporary MC-12 mission qualification training detachment. The guard has lots of aerial ISR experience as a result of the RC-26 flights in support of the counterdrug program.



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1.  For the Army's discontent with the Air Force support in Iraq (and Afghanistan) see Counterinsurgency Legacy - US Army Aviation Supports Its own, US Air Force turns out to be too Tardy to be Tactically Useful, Canadian American Strategic Review (CASR), June 22, 2008.  Accessed here on March 19, 2012.



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