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Note: EF 4 Force Gen is now known as Advising Functional Area Force Development as of early 2018.

Essential Function 4 - Force Gen
Force Generation:
Recruit, Train, Retain, Manage, and Develop

EF 4 Force Generation Resolute Support Misson

Definition of EF 4 - Force Gen

"The Force Generation TAA mission is grounded in an interconnecting and mutually supportive fivefold effort: recruit, train, retain, manage, and develop. These five focus areas work together in building a professionalized force". 1.

EF 4 Advisor Teams at RS. There are a number of elements that work within the Essential Function 4 framework.

HRM-TAA. The Human Resource Management - Train, Advise and Assist Team works with MoD and MoI to provide advice on recruitment and managing the forces. Specific areas of focus are develping recruitment and manpower programs.

AIAT. The Army Institutional Advisory Team works with the Afghan National Army Training and Education Centre (ANATEC), the Marshal Fahim National Defence University, and other ANA training institutions to help develop an effective training system that delivers competent and capable military personnel.

PIAT. The Police Institutional Advisory Team works with the police national training centers to help develop a professionally qualified, effective police force.

Afghan Human Resource Information Management System (AHRIMS). AHRIMS was introduced a few years back to the MoD and MoI. Its implementation started off a lot slower than planned. The delayed fielding was caused by a series of problems - software errors, illiterate administration personnel, reluctance on part of senior staff to use AHRIMS, lack of computer support, and corruption. There are many "ghost soldiers" and "ghost policemen" carried on the books whose pay is pocketed by corrupt senior Army and police officials. The implementation of AHRIMS would cause the practice of ghost soldiers to be curtailed - at least partially.

"The Afghan Human Resource Information Management System (AHRIMS) will assist in recruiting, training, and assigning qualified personnel into needed appointments as determined by force requirements. The management oversight it will provide will help ease a patronage-oriented selection process into a more professional merit-based selection process". 1.

Learn more about AHRIMS at the link below:

Websites with Info Relating to EF 4 - Force Generation

ANA Officer Cadet Training - "Sandhurst in the Sand"

Ministry Advisors in Afghanistan

Videos about EF 4 - Force Generation

NaTO Channel. BG Michael Bartscher - Director Essential Function 4, March 1, 2015. BG Bartscher introduces EF 4.

News Articles about EF 4

April 21, 2016. "Afghanistan's security leaders train for the future in force management course", DVIDS. CSTC-A hosted an eight-week long course on Force Management attended by personnel from the MoI and MoD.




1. Text in this paragraph is taken from the RS Security Force Assistance Guide 3.0, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), July 1, 2014, page 12.


Afghan War News > SFA > 8 EFs > EF 4 Force Gen


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