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Afghan War News > SFA > 8 Essential Functions

Eight Essential Functions of Functionally-based
Security Force Assistance (SFA)


The Eight Essential Functions are no more. They were replaced by the Advising Functional Areas (AFAs) in early 2018.

Simply put the concept of the "Eight Essential Functions of FbSFA" is:

8 Essential Functions of SFA - Old Wine in a New Bottle

Old Wine
in a
New Bottle
with a
Smudged Label

The evolution of how we got to the eight essential functions would make a great paper at the War College on staff churn and the self-licking ice cone. The 8EFs are basically highlighting the gaps and shortfalls of the ANSF in yet another painful, staff intensive, effort. There is no new information yielded just a different packaging of the information.

Compare the end result with the Enduring Priorities, Focus Areas, Process Maps, SITREPs, briefings, SFA Framework, ACDOT, Five Functional Pillars, 4 Capability Gaps, ISAF Campaign Imperatives, IJC (strategic 10, top 20 or important 30), COMISAF's 13 Critical Tasks for ANSF Sustainability, ANSF Priority Development Objectives, regional command priorities, IJC Top Ten Priorities, ISAF's 11 Developmental Priority Objectives, ISAF's CJ5's 150 Capabilitiy Deficiencies, Big Rocks, Four "Lines of Effort", SFAB goals, Lines of Operation, Campaign Imperatives, Capability Milestones, SFAAT training objectives, TAAC end game, 17 Victorious Solutions, etc. and you will get the same basic information.

Nothing has changed in the last few years of significance on where the ANSF has to improve except the never-ending change in methodology of IJC and ISAF staffs to develop new frameworks with which to present the data.

Of course, to populate the data the staffs query the Regional Commands and advisor teams in new ways to report information that they have been already been reporting up in various formats (CUATs, RASRS, VTCs, Adobe Connects, BFCs, Deep Dives, SAVs, MTTs, staff visits, phone calls, emails, PowerPoint presentations, papers, assessments, etc.). These RFIs from above populate numerous briefings, assessments, and reports available within the higher command and from outside agencies such as 1230 reports, quarterly assessments, QSARs, SIGAR reports, etc. This is called "Feeding the Beast" by the lower echelons of ISAF (advisor teams and RC staffs).

What Are The 8 Essential Functions?

                 EF 1 PPBE - Planning, Programming, Budeting, and Execution
                 EF 2 TAO - Transparency, Accountability, and Oversight
                 EF 3 RoL / Gov - Rule of Law and Governance
                 EF 4 Force Gen - Force Generation
                 EF 5 Force Sust - Force Sustainment
                 EF 6 C2 Ops - Command and Control and Operations
                 EF 7 Intel - Intelligence
                 EF 8 STRATCOM - Strategic Communications

Videos about the 8 Essential Functions of Resolute Support

February 9, 2015. "Resolute Support Mission". Major General Todd Semonite of RS HQs provides us with an overview of the EFs 1, 2, and 3 in this short 2 minute video.




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