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Note: EF 7 Intelligence is now known as Advising Functional Area Intelligence as of early 2018.

Essential Function 7 - Intelligence

EF 7 Intelligence - Resolute Support in Afghanistan

Essential Function 7 - Intelligence

"EF 7 is concerned with the development of sufficient intelligence capabilities and processes. The Afghan Intelligence Enterprise is making strides in areas of intelligence collection, processing, and analyzing as well as planning, integrating, producing, and disseminating.
Despite the progress, several challenges remain; the enduring effort will emphasize new capability integration, training self-sufficiency. Moreover, while the current system is analog - relying heavily on paper products and personal contact - EF 7 will prioritize system digitalization." 1.

RSM Essential Function 7 - Intelligence

"The seventh Essential Function (EF 7) of Resolute Support is to provide training, advice, and assistance to Afghan intelligence organizations. The goal of this effort is to ensure Afghan security forces use intelligence effectively. Resolute Support intelligence advisors work at the national and regional level to mature Afghan intelligence capabilities. Additionally, Advisors work with the intelligence schools of the Afghan National Police and Afghan National Army to develop a cadre of instructors so they can train future intelligence personnel. Advisors also work with analysts to prepare estimates in support of military plans and strategies. These efforts are expanding Afghan intelligence networks on a daily basis. Through this hard work, Afghan intelligence organizations will soon have the capacity and confidence to defeat threats to national sovereignty and deny safe havens to foreign insurgents". 2.

What do EF 7 Intelligence Advisors Do?

Intelligence advisors are working with a host of units and organizations to include the Directorate of Police Intelligence (DPI), National Directorate of Security (NDS), various Afghan National Army (ANA) intelligence units and schools, the National Military Intelligence Center (NMIC), and the MoIs biometric labs (see AABIS) and forensics laboratories. In addition, the intelligence advisors work closely with the MoD and MoI as well as the ANA and ANP for the proper use of the National Information Management System (NIMS). In 2014 intelligence advisors assisted in the fielding of the Wolfhound system to the ANA MI kandaks along with training. In addition, Air Force advisors with TAAC Air are assisting the Afghan Air Force (AAF) and Special Mission Wing (SMW) with refining their ISR capabilities. Special operators from NSOCC-A / SOJTF-A work with intelligence sections of the General Command of Police Special Units (GCPSU) of the MoI. EF 7 advisors also work with the National Target Exploitation Center (NTEC) and the MoI's biometrics department in the use of the Afghan Automated Biometrics Information System (AABIS).

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Videos about EF 7 - Intelligence

February 2015. NATO Video on EF 7 - Day 2
NATO Channel, MG Berrier EF 7 Day 2. Scott shares with us some of the ISR equipment that is in use by the Afghan National Army and the Ministry of Defense. EF 7 advisors train, advise and assist their Afghan counterparts at the national, institutional, and corps level on the utilization of this Intel related equipment such as intelligence networks (NIMS), RAID, persistence surveillance balloons, fusion centers (NMIC), and other technology.

February 2015. NATO Video on EF 7 - Day 1
NATO Channel, MG Berrier EF7 Day 1, in this Resolute Support Headquarters video MG Scott Berrier, the director for EF 7, describes the intelligence advisor's mission within EF 7 and the state of the ANSF intelligence enterprise. He says that . . .

 "Afghanistan's intelligence personnel are highly trained and experienced using intelligence information to defend the . . ."

Yep. He really says that in the video. How we delude ourselves on our way to declaring victory. During his visits to the ANA corps MI kandaks and brigade S2 sections he formed a much different perspective than the perspective I have formed in my many visits over the past several years. Let's not even discuss the Intel capabilities of the OCC-Rs, OCC-Ps, and provincial or district police HQs. February 2015.

Publications & Papers about EF 7 - Intelligence


Cooper, Noah B., "Will the Army's New Advisory Brigades Get Manning and Intel Right",
War on the Rocks, September 5, 2017.

Maisel, Adam, The Advisor's Dilemma: Endemic Challenges and Unrealized Opportunties in the Training Mission in Afghanistan, Modern War Institute, May 17, 2017. A former intelligence advisor to the Afghan Army provides recommendations for the advisory mission in Afghanistan.

Walters, MG Robert, and COL Loren Traugutt, "The State of Afghanistan's Intelligence Enterprise", Military Review, May-June 2017. The RS HQs DCoS INT office has published this 8-page update on the Afghan Intel structure and its current capabilities.




1. Text in this paragraph is taken from the RS Security Force Assistance Guide 3.0, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), July 1, 2014, page 13.

2. This quote on EF 7 is take from a Resolute Support Headquarters news release entitled "RSM Essential Function 7: Intelligence", RS News, February 26, 2015.



Afghan War News > SFA > 8 EFs > EF 7 Intelligence


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