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Note: EF 6 C2 Ops is now known as Advising Functional Area Command and Control as of early 2018.

Essential Function 6 - C2 & Ops
Command & Control and Operations

EF 6 C2 & Ops - Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan

EF 6 - Command and Control (C2) and Operations

"EF 6 is concerned with planning, resourcing, and executing effective security campaigns and operations. At the tactical level, the ASI/ANSF are already highly capable. However, thier operational capabilities, though improving, require continued advisor efforts. Resource allocation must be based on assigned priorities and tasks, and cross-functional integration must also be improved.
EF 6 end-state is reached when MoD/MoI coordinate, plan, and execute in support of national-level objectives while strategic guidance and objectives are in turn translated into operational plans supported by effective C2". 1.

Note on the definition of EF 6 above: "At the tactical level, the ASI/ANSF are already highly capable."  So, the ANSF - made up by the ANA and ANP - are highly capable at the tactical level. Hmmmm, does anyone at Resolute Support Headquarters really believe that the ANP are capable at the district level? Or that the Afghan Border Police (ABP) are doing a great job?

EF 6 - Strategy and Policy Planning, Resource and Execution

"Strategy and Policy Planning, Resource and Execution, also known as Essential Function Six (EF6) is divided into two parts: EF 6.1 which focuses on the Strategic Planning and Policy and EF 6.2 which focuses on Execution." " . . . EF 6.1 trains, advises and assists at the office of the National Security Council (ONSC), the Ministry of Defense (MoD) and the Ministry of Interior Affarirs (MoI). Our efforts are designed to develop the capability, capacity, and maturity of the Afghan leaders and the processes they oversee in the ONSC, MoD, and MoI. Capability is defined as the ability to sequentially produce a strategy, or a set of policies, or a guidance document that is executable by another organization. Capacity is defined as the ability to produce strategy, policies or guidance simultaneously within the same organization." 2.

EF 6. 1.

"Working with the Office of the National Security Council, EF 6.1 advises senior Afghan leaders on the development of the National Threat Assessment, the National Security Policy, and the National Security Strategy documents. These documents are the government's official strategies for security and are approved by the President of Afghanistan. These documents form the basis for how the nation will address their security challenges and form the basis for strategies and policies of the MoD and MoI." 3.

Websites with Info on EF 6 - C2 and Ops

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Videos about Essential Function 6

Februar 19, 2015. Essential Function 6 - Strategy and Policy Planning, Resources and Execution,  Resolute Support Headquarters, NATO Channel. (1.5 mins).



1. Text in this paragraph is taken from the RS Security Force Assistance Guide 3.0, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), July 1, 2014, page 13.

2. The text in this paragraph taken from a Resolute Support Headquarters news release dated February 19, 2015. The definition of EF 6 in the Facebook posting is a bit different than that described in the RS SFA Guide dated July 2014 cited in Endnote # 1. Looks like EF 6 has had a "name change"; which is par for the course. "If it's not broken, let's fix it!"

3. Definition of EF 6.1 taken from a Resolute Support HQs Facebook post dated February 18, 2015.


Afghan War News > SFA > 8 EFs > EF 6 C2 & Ops


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