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ACDOT - ASI/ANSF Capability
Development Objectives and Tasks


ISAF HQs stood up a number of working groups and operational planning groups (OPTs) to study the way ahead for the implementation of Functionally-based Security Force Assistance in 2014. The end result was the adoption of a coherent methodology to manage all the FbSFA objectives and tasks. This methodology was named ACDOT or the ASI/ANSF Capability Development Objectives and Tasks.

For more information on ACDOT read "Creating Unity of Effort in Functionally Based SFA", SFActs, Volume 5, Issue 1, March 2014 by Ellen Jackman (member of the COMISAF Advisory and Assistance Team or CAAT and the SFA Fusion Cell).

NOTE: It appears that ACDOT has suffered a quick death before it could even be implemented. A 'new team' showed up and discarded the work at some point in early  2014; the new team being IJC with just weeks on the ground commanded by a three-star officer with no previous tour in Afghanistan. As of early spring (May) ISAF was scrambling to come up with a new methodology with which to implement FbSFA; something called the 8 Essential Functions. Things that make you go "Hmmmm".


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Afghan War News > SFA > Functional SFA >  ACDOT

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