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What is SFA? Security Force Assistance is the method that is used to establish conditions to support the coalition force's mission in Afghanistan. The SFA tasks include organize, train, equip, rebuild, build, and advise and assist. The SFA advisor teams train, advise and assist their ANSF counterparts.

What is Functional SFA? The SFA model in Afghanistan is shifting from advising along unit and organizational structures to advising along functional areas such as C2, leadership, combat arms integration, training and sustainment. This new model is referred to as functional Security Force Assistance. Other names include functionally based SFA and functionally oriented SFA.

What is an SFAT? An SFAT is a 48-man Security Force Assistance Teams attached to a brigade combat team (BCT). The attachments were personnel with previous advisory experience that would assist the BCT commander, staff, and line units with partnering and advising. The SFATs were following a model used in Iraq where  augmentation personnel were attached to Advise and Assist Brigades.

What is the SFA Guide? ISAF published the Security Force Assistance Guide in January 2014 to assist advisors in their pre-deployment training for an advisory or training assignment to Afghanistan.

What is an ANSF Process Map? A process map is a graphical depiction of how a certain process or system in the ANSF works. For instance it would depict how a MEDEVAC of casualties is implemented for a member of the Afghan Border Police.

What is an STT? A Stability Transition Team is made up of 2-6 individuals who advise ANA units or ANP elements. The members of the STT were formed from members of an SFAT (see above) or from personnel taken from the internal structure of a BCT. The use of STTs is diminishing with the deployment of SFABs with their own internal SFAATs.

What is an SFAAT?  A Security Force Assistance Advisory Teams is composed of subject matter experts (SMEs) in the fields of personnel, intelligence, operations, logistics,  communications, and fires. The SMEs advise their functional counterparts in units or elements of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF). Need more info on SFAATs?

What is a MAT? The European troop contributing nations call their advisor teams Military Advisor Teams.

What is an OCC-AT?. The Operations Coordination Center - Advisor Teams advised OCC-Ps and OCC-Rs. With the drawdown of forces most of the advisors working at the OCC-P level have re-deployed. There still remains an advisory capacity at the OCC-Rs. Learn more about the Operations Coordination Center.

What is an SFAB?  A Security Force Assistance Brigade provides a platform from which advisor teams can work from and also provide support to the SFAATs and enablers to the ANSF. Learn about SFABs here.

What is an Operational Mentor Liaison Team (OMLT)? The European nations deployed advisor teams to Afghanistan. Initially these teams were called OMLTs but now they are referred to as Military Advisor Teams.

What is a Police Operational Mentor Liaison Team (POMLT)? The POMLT is a police advisory team deployed to Afghanistan by coalition nations principally from Europe.

What is the Difference Between FID and SFA? Not that much. But some people take great pains to make you think there is a difference. Learn more here about the difference between FID and SFA.

Who is Carter Malkasian? Dr. Carter Malkasian is the Political Advisor (POLAD) to General Dunford, Commander of ISAF. You can read a short bio on the doctor here.

What are the training standards for SFA? The overall SFA training standards for the U.S. military are outlined in the Guidance on Common Training Standards for Security Force Assistance (SFA) publication published by DoD in January 2014.

Is there a bibliography for Afghanistan? Afghan War News has compiled a "Resolute Support Annotated Bibliography" for the use of ISAF staff and SFA advisors participating in the NATO mission in Afghanistan. It is an Adobe Acrobat PDF, almost 200 pages long, and less than 3 MBs big. Easy to read online or download and it is available at the link below:




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