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Afghan Evacuees and Iran

Kabul NEO > Countries > Iran

Some Afghans at-risk seek to leave Afghanistan for neighoring countries. Iran and Afghanistan share a border and have several official border crossing points. Depending on the status and documents available some Afghans can cross into Iran; however, most are denied entry. If they do enter Iran then Afghan evacuees will likely need assistance. Below are some references and resources about Iran that could be helpful to Afghans seeking safety in Iran and to those who are assisting them.


"Afghanistan Situation: Emergency preparedness and response in Iran", UNHCR, October 19, 2021. PDF, 4 pages.

Amnesty International Report of Afghan Evacuee Destinations
"Like An Obstacle Course", Amnesty International, October 2021. There are few routes to safety for Afghans trying to flee their country. A detailed look at the various countries where Afghans are seeking refuge.

News Articles about Afghans and Iran







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