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Afghan Evacuees and Pakistan

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Some Afghans at-risk seek to leave Afghanistan for neighoring countries. Pakistan and Afghanistan share a long border and have several official border crossing points. Depending on the status and documents available some Afghans can cross into Pakistan; however, most are denied entry. If they do enter Pakistan then Afghan evacuees will likely need assistance. Afghans should be aware that the Taliban have a high level of support from the Pakistan government, military, intelligence service, and public in general. 

Below are some references and resources about Pakistan that could be helpful to Afghans seeking safety in Pakistan and to those who are assisting them.

IRAP Information on Pakistan

Information for New Arrivals - UNHCR
The United Nations Refugee Agency frequently is cited as a source of help to Afghans who cross the border into Pakistan. Currently the UNHCR Pakistan does not have an active resettlement program at this time (sep 29, 2021). It has not been processing Afghans to a third country since the end of 2016. In addition, according to its website, it does not make referrals to the programs recently announced by governments to relocate or evacuate Afghan nationals. It will register provide information on registration and assistance if in Pakistan as well as conduct registration for people seeking asylum and determination of whether recent arrivals are refugees. Learn more in "Information for new arrivals", UNHCR Pakistan (COA Sep 29, 2021).

Pakistan E-Visa. Pakistan  Online Visa System
This Visa portal of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan will help in the submission of a visa application online. It has a help section for how to apply, how to upload documents, photograph guide, application guide, terms, FAQs, and visa abolition list. The site is maintained by the Pakistan Ministry of Interior. Types of visas include tourist/visit visa, official/diplomat visa, business visa, work visa, study visa, religious tourism, official visa, NGO/INGO visa, and cultural activities.

Pakistan Exit Permits
An Exit Permit facilitiates those foreigners who intend on exiting the country and do not posses a valid Pakistani Vis (visa is either expired or cancelled/rejected). The Exit Permit (if granted against your application) will be valid for 15 days within which the applicant has to exit the country).

Entering Pakistan Without Proper Documentaton. If the traveler does not have an Afghan passport with a visa then he is in Pakistan illegally and faces deportation back to Afghanistan. He needs to acquire some sort of documentation that will allow him to remain in Pakistan. At the moment (DOI 2Oct21) Pakistan is not permitting people to exit the country who have illegally entered; likely an action to discourage future illegal entry into Pakistan.

Society for Human Rights and Prisoners' Aid
Striving for a Human Rights Friendly Pakistan
Office No. 26B, Street 687, G-13/3
(33.650631, 72.963977)
Tel: 051-2300809-10
This organization can assist in establishing status for someone in Pakistan hoping to move on to another country.

Diplomatic Missions in Pakistan. There are currently 79 diplomatic missions located in the Diplomatic Enclave in Islamabad. Many countries maintain consulates in other Pakistani cities. Several countries have non-resident embassies accredited from other foreign capitals, such as Abu Dhabi, Ankara, Riyadh, and Tehran.

U.S. Embassy
WhatsApp for Pakistan:
Visa Officer: (+93) 70 072 8627
VIsa Assistance: (+93) 78 632 4769
Ambassador's Office: (+93) 70 730 0900

Processing U.S. Visas in Islamabad?
As of October 8, 2021 the U.S. Embassy has not been designated a processing post for visas for Afghans. It is in regular communication with the National Visa Center (NVC) on individual cases.

Amnesty International Report of Afghan Evacuee Destinations
"Like An Obstacle Course", Amnesty International, October 2021. There are few routes to safety for Afghans trying to flee their country. A detailed look at the various countries where Afghans are seeking refuge.

Attorneys List for Pakistan - US Embassy, PDF, 14 pages

Afghans in Pakistan. Google Docs.
A public resource document for organisers

Spin Boldak / Chaman

Torkham Border Crossing

September 17, 2021. "This Is What It's Like for Afghan Refugees Crossing the Border Into Pakistan", Vice.

September 10, 2021. "Scenes From The Afghanistan-Pakistan Border", NPR.

September 10, 2021. "At Pakistan border, Afghans find a way out of Taliban rule after a treacherous journey", NBC News.








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