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Afghan Evacuees and Uganda

Kabul NEO > Countries > Uganda

Some Afghans at-risk seek to leave Afghanistan for neighoring countries. Although not neighboring, Uganda has become a destination for some refugees.

The international airport in Uganda is Entebbe.

Visa. Uganda does not require any visa to land but you must buy a visa for $50 upon arrival. It is preferable that the visa is obtained online before arrival. One option is to acquire a 'three country visa'.

Airline Ticket. It is preferable to buy an open-ended, refundable, two-way ticket.

Medical. A Yellow Fever vaccine is required, if the traveler does not have one then tehy will pay $10 for the vaccine upon arrival. Covid testing takes place upon arrival. If positive you must quarantine for two weeks in a hotel at the travelers expense ($50 to $150 / night).

Refugees. Uganda is thought to provide housing and food for refugees. Uganda is one of the top refugee hosts in the world, according to the United Nations. There is a UNHCR presence in Uganda.

IRAP Document on Uganda

Amnesty International Report of Afghan Evacuee Destinations
"Like An Obstacle Course", Amnesty International, October 2021. There are few routes to safety for Afghans trying to flee their country. A detailed look at the various countries where Afghans are seeking refuge.

News Articles about Uganda and Afghan Refugees and Immigrants

October 9, 2021, "Uganda's Independence Day", Department of State Press Statement. Secretary of State Antony Blinken congratulates all Ugandans on behalf of the people of the United States on the 59th anniversary of its independence. In addition, he said that "The United States also appreciates Uganda's commitment to welcoming those fleeing war and persecution. By offering to temporarily host evacuees from Afghanistan, Uganda has shown that its hospitality and generosity extend across the globe."






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